Our market areas

We follow the projects from early feasibility studies to completed facilities. This includes system analysis, condition control, stitching and surveying, license applications and contact with authorities, land agreements and landowner contracts, detailed planning and design, competition implementation, follow-up during construction and takeover business.

To deliver optimal solutions, we sew together interdisciplinary project teams across our market areas. This is how we ensure that all our projects always have access to the right expertise. Together, and in close dialogue with the customer, we develop competence, long-term and good solutions.

Energy guidance

Knowledge about and a good understanding of the complexity of the energy market is important to be able to plan the electrical infrastructure of the future. Optimum solutions require a comprehensive approach in which variables such as future energy needs, encroachments on nature, the environment and costs are thorough analysed and assessed. The increasing demand for and scarcity of clean electrical energy makes the planning of such infrastructure increasingly important. 
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Transmission lines

For 50 years, Jøsok has been involved in planning, engineering and designing the Norwegian transmission grid. We have expertise in and experience of dimensioning the mechanical and electromechanical characteristics of power transmission systems at all voltage levels from 11-420 kV.
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Cable installations

A cable system is an isolated system for the transmission of electrical energy. Unlike overhead lines, cable systems are often installed in the ground, in tunnels or in the sea.
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A substation is a hub in the transmission grid that distributes power from the producer to the consumer. Substations vary greatly in size, but they are all critical components in a well-functioning power grid.
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Accurate surveying of the terrain, ground conditions and other infrastructure is a prerequisite for carrying out infrastructure, construction and installation projects.
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Other market areas

Jøsok’s expertise covers everything relating to energy transmission. We therefore work extensively on adjacent market areas, for example grid connection of wind farms, hydropower and ferry charging. We also carry out feasibility studies and engineer the power supply for energy-intensive industrial facilities.

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