About us

Jøsok is an independent consultancy company that was established in 1974. Since we started up, we have been involved in a large number of important energy and electrification projects across the country, in addition to projects in other European countries, in Africa, Asia and Central America. We are an innovation-friendly organisation characterised by a very high implementation capability. What started as a sole proprietorship nearly 50 years ago is now one of the leading and most experienced electrical infrastructure consultancy companies in Norway.

The electrical transmission and cable network is one of society’s most important and critical infrastructure systems. In accordance with our vision, we plan optimum electrical energy transmission from producer to consumer in order to be able to thereby utilise the energy in the best interests of society.

Our vision

We plan optimum electrical energy transmission from producers to consumers in order to thereby utilise energy in the best interests of society.

Our values

Independent – we are a stand-alone consultancy company without ties to other companies. This gives us the freedom to work with different partners on a project to project basis. We do not consider acquisitions offers.

Long-term – we seek long-term cooperations in all relations; customers, partners and employees.

Healthy finances – we earn it before we spend it.

Step by step – we aim to grow organically and ensure secure jobs.

Knowledgebased – we use theoretical calculations to create practical structures. We aim to stay one step ahead of developments in the industry.

High tolerance – we seek diversity and talk to rather than about each other.

Safety – thorough training of employees helps us to avoid undesirable incidents for our employees and clients.

Right the first time – good concept solutions and internal quality control ensure the right quality.

The customer is boss – we go out of our way to help all clients and clarify consequences before we take on new obligations.

Commitment – we are committed and go further than our client expect.

Our story

Jøsok was formed by Reidar Jøsok in 1974, and his entrepreneurial spirit is still very much part of the organisation.
We are very proud of our history.