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132 kV Storbjørnlistølen-Tysse and 22 kV Djuvslandet-Tysse-Mosnes

Fagne AS has been granted a license to build a new 132 kV power line from Storbjørnlistølen in Kvinnherad municipality to Tysse in Etne municipality.
Work on detailed design and preparation of the detailed plan is well underway.
In addition, Fagne will build a new 132/66/22 kV substation at Brandvik and a new 132/22 kV substation in Tysse, which will be in the same building as SKL’s new Tøsse power plant.

The 22 kV grid from Djuvslandet to Tysse, from Tysse to Eikemo and from Tysse to Mosnes will be upgraded and renewed.

The detailed plan is planned to be sent out for consultation in September 2024.

Ingunn Bjorå
Tel: 55 24 93 09

Project manager Fagne:
Robert Rogge