Transmission lines

For 50 years, Jøsok has been involved in planning, engineering, and designing the Norwegian transmission grid. We have expertise in and experience of dimensioning the mechanical and electromechanical characteristics of power transmission systems at all voltage levels from 11 to 420 kV.

Visually, power lines may seem simple, but in reality, they are the product of a complex process. Thorough socio-economic analyses are carried out before transmission lines are built or upgraded. The choice of route and type of transmission towers used are considered in relation to the terrain, their impact on nature and the environment, aesthetics, visibility, and the interests of landowners. In addition, access and safety considerations must be taken into account in connection with construction and future operation and maintenance.

Expertise in electrical engineering, surveying and technical construction methods is required to follow through a transmission project from the feasibility study via detailed engineering to completed installation. At Jøsok, these are all in-house disciplines, which enables us to take the interdisciplinary approach we believe is essential if we are to deliver high-quality products.

Our expertise

We have longstanding experience of carrying out compete transmission line projects, from planning and engineering to the tender procedure and the actual construction period with follow-up and control, as well as final documentation upon completion. We also have expertise in upgrading existing power transmission systems. Practical feasibility and long service life are common denominators for all our projects.

We carry out everything from feasibility studies and financial analyses to the choice of route, tower design and detail engineering. We calculate the loads resulting from line tension and climate impact and decide the design and dimensions of foundations and towers all the way down to the bolt level. Most transmission towers are made of steel, wood or composite, but we also have experience of using other material qualities. We deliver complete projects with construction work drawings and design the towers ourselves in 2D and 3D down to the smallest detail. Jøsok has contributed innovative tower structures that are currently used in the industry.


Contact persons

Ricardo Andres Rivera

Manager, Transmission lines Department
Mobile phone: (+47) 55 24 93 20

Per Bergesen

Discipline Lead, Transmission lines Department
Mobile phone: (+47) 951 04 722