Accurate surveying of the terrain, ground conditions and other infrastructure is a prerequisite for carrying out infrastructure, construction, and installation projects. Our surveyors work exclusively on high-voltage installations and have thereby acquired a good understanding of all aspects of the planning, engineering, and construction phases.

A lot of the planning work for new high-voltage installations is based on maps and digital terrain models. Control measurements of all critical points will be carried out in connection with detailed engineering to ensure that the installation meets all regulatory requirements as regards distances.

Using laser scanners, we are able to make accurate 3D models of most structures for use as ‘As Built’ documentation or as underlying documentation for the calculation of existing structures.

Working with our partners, we can deliver detailed 3D models of the terrain and existing lines, including towers, lines, and vegetation. 

As underlying documentation for the planning and detailed engineering of subsea cables, we can offer, through our partners, multibeam seabed mapping, ROV filming and mapping of underwater infrastructure.



Contact persons

Per Ole Jøsok

Chairman of the Board/ Project Manager
Mobile phone: (+47) 901 65 868