A substation is a hub in the transmission grid that distributes power from the producer to the consumers. Substations vary greatly in size, but they are all critical components in a well-functioning power grid. 

Planning, engineering and building substations involve a number of different disciplines and require electrical, electromechanical and building expertise. Jøsok’s substation department therefore has a broad range of engineers with interdisciplinary expertise, and it works closely with the other parts of the organisation. Jøsok has promoted aesthetic and innovative solutions, with compact systems, where possible.

Our expertise

Jøsok’s substation department works on electrical and technical planning and engineering of indoor and outdoor substations. We calculate forces resulting from line tension, the climate and short circuiting, and carry out statistical calculations of both steel structures and foundations. The planning and design of substations and switchyards, small access roads and base works are also part of our area of expertise. The department also prepares invitations to tender with specifications of building-technical structures and works.