Cable installations

A cable system is an isolated system for the transmission of electrical energy. Unlike overhead lines, cable systems are often installed in the ground, in tunnels or in the sea. 

Cable systems require different assessments than overhead systems. The location of the cables often makes maintenance and repairs difficult and costly, which means that good planning and engineering is of the utmost importance. Future land use and infrastructure needs are therefore among the factors that must be given careful consideration. Together with our energy advisers and surveyors, we carry out thorough analyses to arrive at a good, socio-economically viable solution. 

Our expertise

Over several decades, Jøsok has acquired unique expertise in the engineering and planning of everything from small to large-scale, complex cable systems. We carry out initial analyses in which the advantages and disadvantages of cable systems are considered in relation to more traditional overhead power cables. We look at technical challenges relating to energy loss, short-circuit forces and overheating. Thorough analyses and good planning result in reliable cable systems that provide a stable power supply for many years to come. Jøsok has prepared a number of customised solutions for terminal towers, cable trays, tunnel cable systems and special subsea cable systems.


Contacts persons

Kjetil Hegglid

Manager, Electrical Department
Tel: (+47) 55 24 93 12

Per Ole Jøsok

Chairman of the Board/ Project Manager
Mobile phone: (+47) 901 65 868