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Energising work – every single day

Julie Sofie Stave Sandviknes (aged 24) was fresh out of school when she landed an exciting job at Jøsok.

‘No two workdays are the same. Jøsok is concerned with us becoming broad specialists and not specialising too early in a narrow field. They give me the time to get to know and learn all sides of the power field. Having recently graduated, that is something I really appreciate,’ says Julie Sofie Stave Sandviknes.

In summer 2021, she was taken on as a project engineer in Jøsok’s Transmission Line Department. She has a master’s degree in Structural and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stavanger.

‘Like many others, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I graduated from upper secondary school. The engineering programme gives you a broad platform and many opportunities. I therefore considered it a safe choice,’ says Sandviknes

The programme taught her little about energy transmission and power lines, however. It was nonetheless an area that interested her, and she wrote her thesis on bridge construction, which also has great transfer value in relation to power structures.

‘I established contact with Jøsok quite early on and started working here as soon as I graduated,’ says Sandviknes.

She has been with the company for about six months and is very happy with her job. The tasks she is assigned are varied, and the working environment is excellent.
‘I have my own mentor who guides me, which I find useful, as there’s always someone I can ask when I have questions. At the same time, the threshold for asking others in the organisation is very low. I also like the fact that people of all ages and from many different cultures work here. I’m really happy here,’ says Sandviknes.

Among the factors that influenced her choice of career was working on one of the biggest challenges of our time: clean energy.

‘That was important. The energy industry is forward-looking and has a long-term perspective, and, not least, I get to help to resolve the energy challenges facing us. That makes the job both fun and important, at the same time as I know I can stay in the same industry my whole career,’ says Sandviknes.

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