Magnificent scenery is wonderful to look at, but it presents challenges for a network company. Linja has made regular use of Jøsok’s advice for many years.

‘We have used them as consultants in the planning and development of the regional transmission grid for a long time, and for some of our power installations. The partnership has worked well,’ says head of projects at Linja, Gunnar Vassbotten.

Linja, formerly known as SFE Nett, has a monopoly on transmission and operation of the power network in the municipalities of Gloppen, Stad, Kinn, Bremanger, Askvoll and parts of Sunnfjord. The local terrain and the weather conditions can be challenging, and Linja is responsible for ensuring that approximately 24,000 customers get the electricity they need every single day. The power network in the company’s area of responsibility covers more than 4,000 kilometres, corresponding to the distance between Sogn og Fjordane and Cairo in Egypt.

‘Jøsok’s employees are very capable, and the organisation is quick to respond if we have an urgent matter to deal with. We have used their expertise for many years and will continue to do so going forward, as long as they stay competitive,’ says Vassbotten.

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A regular advisor in demanding terrain

- We have used them as a consultant on planning and development of the regional line network for a long time, as well as some of our station facilities. The collaboration has worked well, says department manager for projects at Linja, Gunnar Vassbotten.

Used by developers and contractors

- We have a two-way relationship with Jøsok. We often meet them as the client's representative in projects where we are a contractor. In other projects, we use their expertise, and they are then subcontractors as advisors on our projects.

Highly skilled and responsive

Since the mid-2000s, Jøsok has been an adviser to Lucerna, formerly known as Hammerfest Energi Nett. ‘We quickly hit it off. One of Jøsok’s strong points is that it has many highly skilled [...]