Since teaming up with Jøsok, Odda Energi Nett has been ahead of developments in society and the industry.

‘The Odda area is dense in terms of heavy industry, which leads to a large and sometime varying demand for output and energy,’ says Per Bjarne Mosdal, CEO of Odda Energi Nett AS.

Both industry and the rest of the community in Hardanger therefore depend on a robust power network that is capable of delivering the output and energy needed at all times.

‘For more than 30 years, Jøsok has been an important partner for us in the planning and development of our electricity network. Working together, we have developed the network in a socio-economically expedient manner. The partnership has been the key to our ability to develop a robust network with satisfactory supply reliability and quality,’ says Mosdal.

He explains that Jøsok has carried out systems assessments of the existing network and identified possible bottlenecks and points for improvement. They have also planned and engineered both modifications and expansions of the network.

‘All assessments, analyses and projects have ultimately concerned how the network can be developed from a socio-economically profitable perspective,’ says Mosdal.

He also emphasises Jøsok’s independent role as important.

‘The advice they give us is not influenced by special interests. It is exclusively based on technical assessments and the best interests of society,’ says Mosdal.

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